Weight Loss Brisbane

Weight Loss Brisbane

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Weight Loss Brisbane – If you have been tiptoeing around your weight loss for years and you have tried every diet and every fitness regime – then maybe it is time to try Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is most effective where the excess weight is related to specific behaviours these may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Emotional eating depression, boredom, loneliness, worry, stress, anxiety etc.
  • Binge eating, overeating
  • Portion distortion
  • Night eating
  • Secret eating
  • Reward eating
  • Chronic ‘yoyo’ dieting
  • Cravings – sweet or savoury, sugar, chocolate, soft-drinks, alcohol, biscuits, crackers, chips, cheese etc.

It is also very useful for enhancing self-esteem, motivation and to realise that it is actually possible to lose weight. As you wake up to new possibilities you become motivated to better manage yourself.

It is also essential to be working towards something…how your life will be when you are slimmer. When you are no longer keeping your energy and power tied up in obsessing about food and weight loss, you will have plenty of space to live more fully.

Once you have managed the emotional triggers, improved food intake, lost the cravings and got moving, you’ll realise that you have innate body wisdom and that food does not need to be a big deal at all and weight loss is a happy side-effect of positive living.

A course of Hypnotherapy for weight loss is 4 sessions.

  • Session 1 60 minutes consultation – analysis emotional triggers, mind dialogue about failure, always and never thoughts etc. Personal weight loss outcome. 60 minutes first hypnosis session.
  • Session 2 30 minutes Nutritional/Iris analysis. Food habits. Exercise habits, help with cravings. Affirm healthy lifestyle and eating plan tailored to your individual needs and supported with Naturopathic therapies. 60 minute 2nd hypnosis session.
  • Session 3 90 minute 3rd Hypnosis session
  • Session 4 90 minute 4th Hypnosis session

What really matters is that a healthy weight is maintained for life.

Lose Your Sweet Tooth

People often think of sweet, sugary foods as a “naughty treat”. But it is more than just not being good for your waistline, that ice cream, slice of cake or bar of chocolate, that excess sugar is far more than a “naughty treat.” Excess sugar will certainly cause excess weight, but it is also linked to a long list of medical problems from obesity and type 2 diabetes, to heart problems and cancer.  And that’s not to mention all the ways it can impact on your mental health.  from inducing feelings of anxiety and irritability, to leaving you feeling exhausted and burnt out all the time.  So it’s certainly not just your teeth and gums that suffer when you’re over consuming sugar!

Astonishingly, the amount of sugar that manufacturers are putting in everyday products like soups and breakfast cereals has more than doubled over the past few decades.

A can of soup that used to have two point six grams of sugar in nineteen-seventy-eight now has up to six point four grams of sugar. That’s more than double. And the same brands vary between countries.

A particular brand of cereal bought in Spain or Italy may have significantly lower amounts of sugar in it than the same brand bought in England or America.“Why?” you might ask. Well, according to the manufacturers, some countries just have a sweeter tooth than other countries. But a sweet tooth is acquired through habit, through what you’re familiar with eating, so arguably these manufacturers are actually training us to have a sweet tooth by gradually raising the sugar levels in their produce.

So I recommend you take a look at the nutrition labels on any processed foods you buy, whether it’s ready meals, cereals or soups, and find products that don’t contain excessive amounts of added sugar.

Now the good news is that your sense of taste can change in a fairly short space of time.  You can re-train your taste buds.  Hypnosis can make these kinds of changes in perception happen more easily and spontaneously so that excessively sugary foods and drinks will start to taste sickly sweet to you and you will find yourself naturally drawn to eating and drinking more nourishing health-promoting foods and drinks.

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