Quit Smoking Brisbane

Quit Smoking Brisbane

Beat those smoking cravings today?

Personal motivation is recognised as the most important factor in a smoker’s likelihood of success in quitting. We all know people who have been heavy smokers and one day simply decide to quit. However most who go ‘cold turkey’ have 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts before they finally succeed.
Quit Smoking Brisbane

Take Control Today and Quit Smoking

The Journey That You Take to Quit Smoking Begins Today

Using various stop smoking products, ie. patches, gums and sprays, deliver the same substance as cigarettes and actually cost you more than the cigarettes. The tobacco companies are still profiting hugely from people trying to quit. Also one only needs to browse the internet to find out the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical medications that supposedly help people to stop smoking.

Its now common knowledge that smoking increases depression and anxiety levels as it destroys the brains ability to produce serotonin. So smoking doesn’t just effect your physical wellbeing, (lung, breast, bowel & pancreatic cancers) it is also taking a great toll on your mental and emotional health.

With Hypnotherapy, you can strengthen the motivation, believe it is possible for you to succeed, leave behind feelings of powerlessness and failure and be the authority in your life. No one wants an addiction to have power over them.

Three sessions over 2 weeks is usually sufficient to quit. The chemical withdrawal is usually complete within the first 2 weeks.

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