Naturopathy Brisbane

Naturopathy Brisbane

We can support your treatment with Naturopathic solutions.

Naturopathy BrisbaneNaturopathy is both a science and a philosophy of healing with a tradition dating back many centuries. In Naturopathic medicine rather than treating the symptoms alone, the Practitioner endeavours to find the underlying cause of the dysfunction.
The Practitioner will then use a variety of treatments suited the clients individual needs such as Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Life Style counseling, Flower Remedies and / or Massage Therapy.
What to expect in a Naturopathic consultation with Susan

Susan will take a full case history including your current symptoms, your health history and review all bodily systems in order to gain a complete understanding of your health. Along with your case history Susan will use Iridology and other Naturopathic sciences to aid the diagnosis.

The eyes provide a ‘fine-tuning’ analysis of biochemistry and of emotional and circumstantial factors. Insights into healing the mind and body.


Iridology, the study of the iris, involves examination of the fiber density, colour changes and special signs in the eye. The iris structure is such that all tissues and symptoms of the body are reflected in a “map” like format. Thus iridology can be used as a tool for pinpointing and confirming areas of strength and weakness in the body.


A consultation with Susan involves a thorough investigation of diet and eating habits. Many diseases are directly related to nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Therefore correct nutrition is of primary importance in treating illness and maintaining good health.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the use of specific plants as medicines. Traditionally based on knowledge gained over many hundreds of years. The therapeutic use of plants is now increasingly based on a scientific understanding of plants actions in the body.

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