All About Hypnotherapy

All About Hypnotherapy

Let us dispel the myths around Hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnotherapy

All About HypnotherapyHypnosis is a natural state between wakefulness and sleep.
Hypnotherapy is about ‘rewiring’ the mind. Many of us are held back in our lives by negative belief systems, experiences and mind programming that can block our success, health and happiness. Also barriers to change, which we may not be conscious of, can be uncovered in hypnosis and then dealt with.

During hypnosis the body and the conscious mind are in a relaxed neutral state, while the subconscious mind remains awake, alert and more receptive to therapeutic suggestions. People under hypnosis are in a state of deep relaxation (this can be likened to the state of “day dreaming”), they are conscious and able to hear the Hypnotherapist’s voice. At all times they are in control of themselves and they will not do or say anything that they would not choose of their own accord.

You can change your state of mind quickly by accessing the subconscious, which is quite open to the possibility that you are happy, confident and that you expect things to go well for you. You will wake up feeling that anything is possible for you again and that you have the power to change whatever you need too.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Typical Hypnotherapy Session
Importantly, a Hypnotherapy session bears no relation to what happens in “stage” hypnosis shows. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes, where as clinical Hypnotherapy is about using the power of hypnosis for therapeutic reasons to help people make positive life changes.
Generally, a typical Hypnosis session will last from 60 to 90 minutes. It takes place in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. The client relaxes back in a reclining chair, with soothing background music and simply listens to the guiding voice of the practitioner.
People who have experienced Hypnosis observed that they remain in control, are pleasantly aware of all that happens, yet feel wonderfully relaxed. It has been described as a “feel good” experience that works.
Can Anyone be Hypnotised?
Everyone can be Hypnotised – some more easily than others. All that is needed is a decision, a willingness to change and the desire and agreement to cooperate with the Hypnotherapist. You will work with your Hypnotherapist at all times producing the changes that you desire.
Hypnotherapy targeted at specific beliefs, recurrent thought patterns and replays of old hurts can be very effective. All hypnotherapists use positive suggestions to improve self-esteem, confidence, sleep, health, energy, relaxation and happiness. As well as this, I use a simple form of anchoring good feelings, which can then be drawn on at any time.
Is Hypnotherapy Medically Approved?

Yes. In 1958 the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the British Medical Association approved Hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool.

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