Addiction Management Brisbane

Addiction Management Brisbane

Are you Addicted to Alcohol, Drugs (both pharmaceutical & illicit), Gambling, Pornography and Food Addictions etc….?

Overcoming addictions involves hope and optimism, moving beyond the old ‘disease’ model of addiction. A good hypnotherapist can successfully treat all sorts of addictions – not just smoking, but alcohol, drug dependence and gambling. Also more modern problems such as addiction to text messaging, computer games and social media.

Bad habits can be replaced with good habits. For example, the bad habit of sitting down in front of the TV eating and boozing can be replaced with the good habit of eating well, doing more exercise and limiting alcohol.

Of course, some new habits (such as eating slightly more fruit every day) will be easier to instill than others (such as doing a daily three mile run).  It’s been said that it takes 21 days to instill a new habit. We know something is a ‘habit’ when we no longer have to really think much about it. It’s now become automatic to practice your instrument or work those muscles.

Hypnosis can amplify motivation and, in our experience, greatly speed up the adoption of a new healthy habit.

Alcohol Abuse

There is evidence that drinking one or two small glasses of wine a day may extend your life expectancy, and reduce your chances of heart disease.  However, while those one or two small glasses of wine are relatively harmless, and may even have health benefits, drinking habits can creep up. It might be that you are using alcohol as a way of dealing with stress or worries you’ve had, a way to unwind and round off your day or to get to sleep.  Or perhaps you’ve simply let the habit get out of control, and you’ve gradually upped your intake over the years without giving it much thought.

Once you start regularly drinking to excess, your ability to work and function well the next day can get increasingly compromised, and physical and mental health can rapidly worsen.  Alcohol abuse can steal careers, marriages, health, and of course, money from people, it also steals dignity and lives. Addiction can be outgrown, it is not part of your identity.

A little wine can help kick start your evening relaxation but once that’s done you’ll find you can continue relaxing naturally and healthily without having to be damaged by excessive alcohol.  You’ll soon discover that you can unwind in different ways – like exercising or taking a shower, but there are better ways of doing it than overloading your liver and muddling your mind.

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We have had many successes using Hypnotherapy to cure addictions, if you want to beat your addiction today, then it is time to contact us.

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